The second part of Victory's vision is to "Find Freedom" from our yesterdays. We believe that true lasting life change doesn't happen outside the context of authentic relationships. For instance, you may not be able to name the five last sermons you've listened to, but you can more likely name five people who have impacted your life.

Our Small Groups are what we call "free-market groups." By that we mean, your life is your group! As many groups we have focused on Bible studies we also have groups whose focuses include things like running, hand-lettering, cooking, and board games!

A list of the upcoming semester's groups will be up soon!


Married With Children
Dinner, Kids, and God's Word- Every other Saturday Night. Leader- Mike and Becca Ditmore
Men's Bible Study
Fellowship & God’s Word. Leader- Greg Casiello
Ladies Study & Fellowship
Fellowship & God’s Word- Wed. Nights. Leader- Jasmine Workman
Ladies Bible Study
Worship, Fellowship & God’s Word- Thurs. Morning. Leader- Melanie Cooke
Mens Home Bible Study
Fellowship & God’s Word- Tuesday Night. Leader- Malcom Ferguson
Mens High Ground
Fellowship & God’s Word- Tues. Nights. Leader- Mark Kersey
Worship and Prayer Home Group
Worship, Prayer & Fellowship- Every other Sun. Night. Leader- Malcom Ferguson
Ladies Tea
Fellowship & Tea. Leader- Katelyn Pardue
Writing Novels and Poetry
Writing & Fellowship- Sunday Mornings. Leader- Bobby Funderburk
Fellowship & Kickball- Fridays. Leaders- Kyle & Allyson Taylor
Mens Basketball
Fellowship & Basketball- Sundays. Leader- Kyle Pardue
Indoor Soccer
Fellowship & Soccer- Saturdays. Leader- Kirby Pearson
Saints With A Taskt (SWAT)
Fellowship & God's Word- Sunday Mornings Leaders- Deny and Dory Davis