Update: JULY 16, 2020

Victory Family,

The last few months have seen several changes in all areas of our lives, including the way we do church. From online only and drive in service to social distancing and occupancy requirements, we’ve made each decision as the situation required it, always in prayer and with your family’s health and safety at the forefront of what we do.

The most recent guidance from the governor has allowed churches to remain open at the 50 percent occupancy rule, exempt from the 50 person limit placed on most indoor gatherings. We’re excited to continue meeting in person and online, but we will be changing our Sunday procedures to ensure the safest possible environment in which to do so.

The new state mask mandate went into effect on Monday, July 13, to attempt to combat the current spike in Covid-19 cases in our region. To protect the most vulnerable and at-risk among our church family, as well as in respect of the governor’s mandate, we will be requiring masks for all adults during the next 2 Sundayservices (July 19th and 26th). Masks will be allowed “down” during the sermon portion of the service once everyone is seated, then reworn at the conclusion of the service.

Free masks will be available for every person attending, and those with medical conditions that prevent the wearing of a face covering will be exempt. We will continue to monitor releases from both the office of the governor and our state and federal health organizations, and will provide more updates as the impact of the new mandates on Covid-19 cases becomes more clear.

We understand that many will find themselves on different sides of what has quickly become a divided issue. Our pastoral team has had conversations with several members of our church from all perspectives, and invite continued conversations as we navigate being the church in the midst of an often changing environment.
While not taken lightly, we believe this decision to be of greatest benefit to not only the most vulnerable in our own church family, but also to our community at large. If there is an opportunity to show love to those around us, then the church will always lead the way.

We love you all, and look forward to a powerful service this coming Sunday.


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